Who Says Lanyards Are Not Fashionable?

The two most common materials used for lanyards are nylon and polyester. Then there is the beaded lanyard. The ultimate in badge holder fashion wear, the lanyard allows you to work with a little class and style. The beaded lanyards come in many different styles as well. You can get beads in assorted shapes such as stars, animals, or anything else you might be fond of. Some beads are square whereas others are oblong. You can even find beads in the shape of the octagon. Lanyards also come in many different sizes so as to accommodate users of all sizes. Skilled craftsman create the popular patterns being worn throughout the industry. Whether they are made out of very colorful beads, crystals or gems, these lanyards are certain to have eye appeal.

Regardless of which badge holder you choose to wear there is always a safety, security and cost factor to be considered. Although beaded lanyards are fashionable and visually stunning there are safety risks or discomforts if utilized incorrectly or in the wrong environment. Lets look at safety first. Lanyards beaded or not are not compatible near and around machinery where they can get caught creating a safety hazard. They are more compatible in retail stores and hospitals or areas where they are unlikely to get caught in something. Some beaded lanyards come with magnetic attachments that pull apart in the case of an emergency. Actually, these are required in many employment locations.

As with all badge holders on the market and utilized in the work industry, there are those who swear by some and swear at others. Many complain that the lanyard gets in their way while they work. On the other hand there are just as many that are glad that it does not damage their clothing. Some users complain that they are often required to pull the ID out of the holder for the most effective identification process. Others say the lanyard offers their card the most protection and they don’t have to replace a lanyard as often as a badge clip. This debate may rage on for years to come but here is one thing for sure. If you are going to wear a lanyard, a customized beaded lanyard will allow you to wear it in style.